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On Eagles Wings That Isn't Christian Religion

The celebration begins with a parade honoring St. Patrick and normally the streets are painted with green stripes. The Irish are famous at their green beer and traditional foods. Location bars usually color their beer green now irrespective what t read more...

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Understanding Who God Comes From The Christian Perspective

Jean-Claude: Think of us as tectonic plates moving against each former. If we are prepared release tension then we only glide into new rankings. On the other hand, if surely has an purchase of existing beliefs and collect them for dear life, the r read more...

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Could Christianity Survive The Particular Bible?

The downside? Once we packed the pews as the result your "salvation" message, the Church became introverted and submitted upon in itself. Jesus said "I will build my church," not "build a church upon Me."

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Could Christianity Survive Devoid Of Bible?

Man manipulates while God creates. Religions preach man's independence and man's relationship with Jesus. They preach that people are on some sort of equal footing with God and in which we can indeed have rapport. The have the mindset that they co read more...

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5 Essential Christian Teachings Christians Decide To Know

Peretti is among the most popular modern Christian fiction writers (mystery/suspense/horror). I'd read 1st book, a couple of well-known book, "This Present Darkness", years ago, along with its sequel, "Piercing the Darkness". His book "The Oath" s read more...